His Excellency

Ambassador Kabiru Musa  

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) with the support of Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria marked anti-trafficking day on Sunday 30th July 2023 at the secretariat of the Nigerian community in Tripoli, Libya. The event witnessed the participation of home-based staff, local staff of the Mission as well as some selected members of the Nigerian community.

It was organized to raise awareness about the menace of human trafficking - a crime against humanity with a view to preventing it and protecting victims. The organizers adopted a participatory approach involving attendees in interactive sessions.

Key recommendations at the end of the meeting included the need to conduct webinars or workshops for more awareness raising which could be highly beneficial. These platforms could reach wide audience and provide crucial information about the dangers human trafficking. They could as well serve as constant reminders to the community about the dangers of human trafficking and the available tools to combat it.

In his remarks, Ambassador Kabiru Musa, while acknowledging the continuing assistance of IOM, advised the community leaders to set excellent example and to be at the forefront in the fight against human trafficking. He noted that the leaders owe it a duty to complement the work of the embassy in protecting and supporting victims of trafficking.

Overall, raising awareness about human trafficking is crucial in combating this heinous crime. Collaborative efforts between organizations, embassies, community leaders, and concerned individuals can make a significant difference in protecting vulnerable members of our society.




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